Small Updates // May 12, 2020

Whoops! A few weeks have gone by, and no new posts. Apologies, dear reader. As you may know, there’s a pandemic going on.

Tulips in flowerbox.
I took this picture of some flowers a few weeks ago when I stepped outside to find a mailbox. I love spring, so I’ve been sad to not see all of the blooming flowers all over the city. These flowers absolutely made my day.

Let’s see… what’s new with you? I hope you’re staying sane (or trying to) and have found something to help you pass the time. Here are some things that have been going on with me:

Nintendo Switch & Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I fed into my curiosity and got a Nintendo Switch (Lite). I’d been watching my boyfriend play with his for the past year or so and knew I wanted to fully invest in playing Animal Crossing. Yes, it’s as time-consuming as it’s made out to be, and, yes, one of the main premises is that you’re working to pay off a mortgage on your digital island home. This post reminds me… I should really check out the stalk market this afternoon.

Cross Stitch

One thing that’s been great to keep me mentally and physically busy (at least my hands) has been cross stitching. Here are a few of the cross stitch kits that I purchased – all from Etsy: a funny bathroom reminder, a cute Jeff Koons-inspired balloon dog, and a funny pattern for my desk (whenever we return back to the office!). Also, how funny would this pattern be for your own work desk or as a gift to your work buddy?

Some Depression

I’ve struggled with depression on and off throughout my adult life, and it’s been a particular struggle lately. I spent 4 hours laying in darkness in bed last week (doing nothing, not even sleeping, in the middle of the day) because that felt like the only thing I could do in that moment. It was not a good day. I’m lucky to be working with my doctor on medication (this process started pre-pandemic), but I know some people might not have that kind of support. If you do or you don’t, please just know you’re not alone. Make sure to check in on your family and friends – some people are pretty good at masking those darker feelings.

A Little Gratitude

One thing I like to do with my boyfriend at the end of each day is to each name one good thing from that day. The only rule is that we can’t repeat the same thing every day – we have to find something different and good that happened that day. It can be simple like “I didn’t feel terrible today,” or something a little more complex like “I felt the sun shine on my face through the window and it felt amazing.” I’m trying to remember to write down all of my gratitude notes in a notebook so I can look back at it when I’m feeling particularly down.

That’s all for now. So I leave you with a few links to some videos I’m loving lately:


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