7 Distractions // April 22, 2020

How is everyone’s week going so far? I can honestly say that things are looking up for me this week. I feel slightly more productive (I repaired our dishwasher with a $10 part and a 4-minute “how-to” video), slightly more positive (the sun has been shining through our windows at just the right times), and slightly puffier (huh? Whoops, didn’t need to include this one, haha. Lack of walking during my old commute and increase in snacks = #puff).

I’m here on this hump day to bring you some distractions. Happy clicking!

man and woman kissing each other with flight of bird graffiti

The Perfect Zoom Backgrounds

Have you perfected the art of your Zoom video call background yet? If not, here are some great photos for inspiration: BA Test Kitchen, home libraries, and pop-culture.

A New Way to Work Remotely

One Japanese company has decided to add some creativity to its meeting structure… and are working from home on each other’s islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Banksy Works from Home

His wife hates it.

KPOP Tracks

My boyfriend and I saw KPOP, an immersive musical, a few years ago (fun fact: Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife were in the audience that night), and the music has been stuck in our heads ever since. Listen here – and I highly recommend singing and dancing along!

Make Food and Feel Good

Meet Family Meal: download recipes and donate to NYC restaurants to help raise money for their employees while they’re closed (and enjoy the illustrations during the process).

Work (or Sleep) in a Magical Tearoom

If you’ve ever been in the office and wished you were working in a cozy, calm space full of tea, then look no further. This is the perfect background noise for you.

Your First Favorite Jazz Record

This is a longer read, but worth it for the nostalgia and historical look at the music from your favorite childhood game, The Sims.

These are just some of the things keeping me distracted. Drop some links below in the comments with whatever’s distracting you at the moment!


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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