Tuesday Clicks // March 24, 2020

How are we all doing, folks? A reminder: it’s only Tuesday.


If you’re able, how long have you been working from home? How’s it going? Is your team adjusting, or are you driving solo? Regardless of your WFH situation, I hope you’re hanging in there.

Here are a few links that are keeping me entertained today:

ONE // The first lines of 10 classic novels, rewritten for social distancing.

TWO // Something interestly strange — Lena Dunham is writing a “serial novel” for Read the first chapter for Verified Strangers here.

THREE // Aerial tour of empty Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. (only click if you’re cool with having the curtained ~illusion~ of WDW opened)

FOUR // Try to escape this Harry Potter-themed Hogwarts digital escape room.

That’s all for now. Hope you’re able to sit near a window and soak in some sunlight wherever you are!


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