Links to Keep You Entertained

Happy to report that I’m still staying inside — and that you should too.

What are you doing to pass the time? Do you have enough work-from-home things to keep you busy all day? Or does it ebb and flow and you’re stuck scrolling mindlessly through Twitter for parts of the day? Or are you living your best self-care life?

No matter what state you’re in, I gathered some links below that can help keep you entertained for today.

Stay in shape with these 10 TikTok dances to learn at home

Seth Rogen watched the news Cats movie while high – and live-tweeted it

Dolphins and swans have returned to the Venice canals

Anthony Hopkins and his cat are here to provide some pure goodness

The Taylor Swift Songs Bracket (download and share your results if you do this!)

The first three episodes of Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu

Going down with the (toilet paper) ship


More later.



Photo by Marcela Rogante on Unsplash

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