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For the first time ever, the company I work for is allowing encouraging making us work from home due to the coronavirus. Strange times, y’all!

Today (Tuesday) marks my second day working from home. If you’re also working from home for the first time, how are you adjusting? Are you doing anything to make the transition smoother?

I’m part of a 4-person marketing team, and I think we’re all adjusting fairly well. Our communication was pretty good in-person, so it’s made the WFH communication easier. We’re using video, audio, and IM chat capabilities to keep normal meeting times and open lines of communication. And, of course, there’s good, old-fashioned email and phone calls.

One WFH thing that’s been an adjustment is not getting distracted by ~home life~ things. Gavin, my boyfriend, is also working from home, and it’s taking a LOT for me to not talk to him incessantly all day long. Bless his heart. He’s I’m We’re trying. It’s also too easy to get distracted by all the cleaning, organizing, and other such ~home life~ activities I could be distracted by. Honestly, things with work will likely slow down a bit, so I’m sure some ~home life~ things will be ok to do during the day, but for now I’m trying to stay work-focused.

Office tools like Microsoft Teams (like Slack) have been making the social aspect of working from home seem less lonely. We still share jokes throughout the day and dumb things we find on the Internet. Highly encourage you to set up some sort of chat system with your coworkers.

I don’t really have any tips to share since this is (quite literally) the second day I’ve ever worked from home. Depending how long this lasts, I might throw together some suggestions or things to help keep the day productive and interesting. But until now, just sharing my thoughts!


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