Spring To-Do List

It was cold and rainy in New York today, but the temperature could reach 87 degrees (!!!) by Thursday. It’s hard to know if it’s the end of winter or start of summer – where did spring go?! It’s also crazy to think that it’s already May, but here we are. I’m hoping to check a few items off of my spring to-do list before summer comes along — here they are:

Donate clothes // A few weekends back, I did a purge of my winter wardrobe. Sweater that I didn’t wear all winter? Throw it in the bag. (Of course, this only happened after a little too much deliberation. Does anyone else have a possibly unhealthy connection to inanimate objects, or is it just me?!). I’m hoping that Uber does one of their “Spring Cleaning” days soon like they have the past few years – it saves you a trip to your local Goodwill (which, in the city, can be super cumbersome) AND it’s free.

Read more books // I had a slow reading month during most of April, but I did read Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey, which was so, so good. I’m on track with my 2018 reading goals so far, but I’d still love to read 3 books in May.

Dress better // I don’t know about you, but it’s so easy to dress down in the winter months. When you’re wearing snowboots most of the time, it’s hard to plan for cute outfits. I love finding dresses and fun blouses for spring and summer, so I’m ready to start wearing those again!

Sleep more // My sleep schedule has not been the best lately. I don’t know why, but I find myself staying up until 1am most nights for absolutely no good reason (and I’m usually just staring at my phone). This, naturally, makes getting up early much more difficult. Before I commit to waking up earlier and taking advantage of the mornings, I’m going to commit to going to bed earlier and getting more sleep.

Schedule in workouts // Raise your hand if you purchased a gym membership around January 1 🙋 Mine is not being used as much as I hoped it would be, but spring is the perfect time for renewal and a commitment to a refreshed you. My brother is getting married in the fall, and I’d love to tone up over the next few months. No strict numbers in mind, but I’d like to generally feel better (see “sleep more” above, haha).

I feel like most of these items can be easily accomplished… right? I’ll try to update with my progress on these goals on my Twitter and Instagram (and maybe here, depending on how motivated I am!)

* * * * *

How are you tackling your goals and projects this spring?
I’d love to hear if you have any motivation tips!