Wow – what can I say about this show?! KPOP was a fun, immersive look inside a K-pop “factory” preparing its artists for bringing their music to the U.S. The music and dancing was infectious, and all I wanted to do afterwards was pop on my headphones and keep listening. I would honestly listen to all of these bands if they really existed. I guess I’ll have to check out real K-pop instead!

The show was produced by a few groups – Ars Nova (also originators of The Great Comet), Ma-Yi Theater Company, and Woodshed Collective. Kudos to all involved for bringing such an original story in a unique setting to life (it’s immersive, so you’re on your feet moving around).

Some of the transitions could have been a bit smoother and the overall story could have weaved together a bit cleaner, but the show as a whole was an exciting and fun night that I won’t soon forget.


Unfortunately, the show closed this past weekend, but I hope it finds a second life in the future so others can enter the factory. You can read more about the show, listen to music, and watch clips here and here.

Fun side note: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gideon Glick, and Arian Moayed were all in attendance at the performance I went to! (Lin was living his absolute best life and appeared to have enjoyed every single moment of the show; receipts below!)

lin manuel miranda kpop

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