21 Films in 2 Weeks*

It’s hard to believe that this was my SIXTH year attending the New York Film Festival. I started attending during the 50th NYFF, and it’s become a sort of yearly ritual for my boyfriend and me (view his Letterboxd list for the NYFF here).

Over the course of 2 weeks (*11 actual days in attendance), we saw 21 films this year. And, yes, that means we were often seeing more than 1 in a day. In our most loaded day, we saw 4 films.

Below are some of the films we saw that I really enjoyed and recommend viewing!

Arthur Miller: Writer

(Clip, not trailer). Coming soon to HBO.

Call Me By Your Name

In theaters November 24.

Lady Bird

In theaters November 3.


Limited release in theaters and on Netflix November 17.


Not yet acquired for distribution, but currently on the film festival circuit!

The Square

In theaters October 27.


In theaters November 10.


* * * * *

Are you looking forward to any of the movies on my list?
What movies have you seen lately that you’d recommend?