Weekend Reading


Do you ever find yourself coming across interesting articles online at work or school but don’t have the time to actually read it while you’re *ahem* working or studying? I think I bookmark at least 5 articles a day.

*Side note – I started using Pocket mid-summer, and it’s been a game changer. It’s essentially a bookmarking application that allows you to easily go back and look at what you’ve saved. It’s also super easy to remove articles once you’re done reading them. Completely recommend it if you’re a digital hoarder like me!

Here are some of the interesting reads I came across this week (and, yes, some are from my Pocket!):

How to Rediscover Your Inspiration at Work

The point I liked most about this article was that sometimes the way you feel at work comes from the choices you make in your personal life, and changing those choices (or making better choices) can help your work life.

100 of the Most Common Misconceptions 

I love a good infographic – and this one is all rooted in science (#facts). The “Espresso vs. Coffee” one surprised me, and so did “Gum Digests Over Years.”

Best Tips for Beating Procrastination

If you don’t already read Smarter Living from The New York Times, you should really add it to your list. They give all sorts of good tips that make life easier. Case in point: this article! They essentially crowdsourced some proven ways to conquer procrastination. If you’re reading this blog post but should really be doing something else, then this NYT article is for you!

What to Read When

Have you ever been in a mood and wondered what the best book to read for that situation might be? Look no further – this list has it all.

When Stress Makes You Fall Asleep

I have a high school memory of working on a group project, and after much worried and frantic discussion about the topic at hand, we all promptly fell asleep instead. (The project did not end well). That wasn’t the first “fear nap” I had, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But the reasons behind why some people respond to stress this way are fascinating!


10 Quirky David Lynch Stories

Chances are, if you haven’t seen any of David Lynch’s movies or TV shows, you’ve (probably) at least heard of him. This list was super interesting and funny to read… Now let’s go watch Mulholland Drive and marvel that the man from this list is the same man behind the Garbage Monster.

* * * * *

If you have any good Internet reads from this week, share in the comments below!

Have a nice weekend!