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Nearly 6 months have passed since my last reading update, so I think it’s about time to offer some more book suggestions!


Crazy Rich Asians // Ok, I loved this book. I tore through it in a week (which is pretty quick for me) and couldn’t put it down or stop myself from laughing. Kevin Kwan takes you into the opulent world of the Young family and the elites of Singapore. It’s being turned into a movie, and there’s a few follow-up books (China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems). Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a light read that’s also a page-turner. (Side note: I can’t believe I purchased this book two years ago and only recently read it!)

The Handmaid’s Tale // So just about everyone and their mother has watched the Hulu TV adaptation of this book. Always one to be late to the game, I haven’t seen it yet so I decided to read the book first. I can definitely see why it’s considered a contemporary classic – the dark, dystopian universe feels very much rooted in the reality of today and shows what can happen when sexism is normalized. The structure felt a little flawed at times, but I still recommend it. (PS – you can lend it for free from the Kindle Lending Library or from your local library!)

Shockaholic // This is the second Carrie Fisher memoir I’ve read this year, and it makes me miss her talent even more. She was a great actress, but an even better writer. She writes in a way that’s hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. This is a super quick read – I finished in a weekend.

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