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I’ve been reading a lot since the start of the new year. It could be because I didn’t really meet my reading goals for 2016… or it could be because it’s a way I’m coping with the reality of 2017… or maybe I just darn well feel like reading more. Either which way, I’m glad to finally be catching up a bit with my to-read pile. Below is some of what I’ve read recently and what I’m currently reading.


Scrappy Little Nobody // Reading actress Anna Kendrick’s collection of essays felt like I was chatting with her over coffee. I always had this image of her in my mind (based on interviews and roles she’s played), but this book gives a fun, light inner look into her life and her upbringing (I had no idea she was so involved in theater!). Recommended if you like Anna and are looking for a quick read.

Wishful Drinking // This was the first book I read in 2017, and it made me mourn the loss of Carrie Fisher even more (#RIP). Must-read for anyone with a sense of humor. Bonus points if you’re a Star Wars fan. I’m looking forward to watching the HBO special that’s based on the book.

Missoula // Want to feel enraged? Look no further and read the page-turner Missoula. Journalist Jon Krakauer focuses on five victims of campus rapes and sexual assaults in Missoula, MT (aka the “rape capital of America”). What’s standing in the way of justice? Rape culture, improper handling of the cases by authorities, skepticism from the police, and popularity of the local college football team. Missoula is a call to action. This book was brilliantly written, and I can’t recommend it enough.

The Harry Potter series // I started rereading the Harry Potter series back in 2015, and I’m hoping to finish by the end of this year. It feels too appropriate to currently be rereading Order of the Phoenix, also my favorite in the series, in the current state of our nation (The Resistance and Dumbledore’s Army, anyone?!). And it seems it’s pretty common for the Potter series to reemerge in times to find hope and healing (find out why adults reread the Potter series). As if you need another reason to reread (or maybe read for the first time?!) Harry Potter, it’s the series’ 20th anniversary (yes, you read that correctly – 20th!). Lumos.

Edit: If you have a Kindle and are an Amazon Prime member, you can read the Harry Potter series for free.

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