[currently] Reading

You guys. This. Book.

I tend to lag behind the popular trends, especially when it comes to books. While I’m catching up on the book that was hot off the press and in readers’ hands 6 months ago, the next hot thing gets released.

Anyways, it happened again.


I’m currently reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It. Is. So. Good. I’ve had it on my Kindle for months now (got it when it only cost $2.99!), but just haven’t made it a priority… until now.

It’s about this 20-something small-town girl, Louisa (Lou for short) that’s just kind of floating through life – still living with her parents, working in dead end jobs, and feeling unsatisfied with herself. She decides to take on a job as a quadriplegic man’s caretaker. They begin to form a friendship and… you can kinda guess what’s bound to happen next.

I’m not yet halfway through the book, but I already love it – I can barely put it down!

If you’re interested in this one, be sure to read it before the movie adaptation is released on March 4, 2016!