Get Your Sweet + Salty Fix

I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest issues I have with snacking is that I almost always have two snacks going at the same time. One sweet. The other salty.

I just can’t get no satisfaction… Until now!

I used to love eating COMBOS while growing up. Some people I know absolutely detest them for its “fake” cheese, but I happen to find them rather addicting. They’re the right amount of pretzel and cheese, and they’re perfect for eating on the go (I loved eating them in my school lunches and during carpools).

Enter: Combos Sweet & Salty. *cue heavenly angel music*

combos sweet salty caramel cream vanilla frosting voxbox influenster

I tried both the Caramel Cream and Vanilla Frosting pretzels. It’s soooo nice having one snack that satisfies all my cravings, rather than having two going at once and feeling like a glutton! And for an additional A+, I tried these out while traveling and hanging out in airports – the perfect snack for long waits!

I personally prefer the Vanilla Frosting pretzels – they’re creamy, just the right amount of sweet (very important when you’re dealing with a sweet tooth like mine!), and are (obviously) perfect for snacking on-the-go. combos sweet salty caramel cream influenster voxbox

In terms of the Caramel Cream (which I was really looking forward to!), the caramel flavor just wasn’t strong enough for me – it mostly tasted like I was eating plain pretzels. They smelled amazing. I think, with the right amount of flavor improvement, this could really be one of my favorite snacks.

* * * * *

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I received these products courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes.