New Job

I’m so excited to officially announce my new job (if we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve probably already heard about this!). After a few months of post-grad unemployment and a bajillion cover letters, emails, and interviews later…

I’m so happy to say that I’m the newest employee at AKA NYC.

Selfie from my first day!
Selfie from my first day!

As you may or may not know, I’m a major theater nerd. I’m also very much into marketing and advertising (so much that I studied advertising in undergrad). I’m so lucky to have been able to explore the convergence of these two arenas during my time at NYU. When it’s possible to marry your two passions, everything seems to fall into place.

broadway nyc

It took a while to get my ducks in a row, but I’m so excited to be starting my new adventure at AKA and bring brilliant ideas to Broadway and beyond.

Here’s to new adventures..!