Summer Adventure Essentials

I’m so excited that it’s finally summer! Though, admittedly, I don’t handle the heat too well… So I put together a list of my summer adventure essentials that make any trip outdoors that much more enjoyable.

summer adventure essentials

sandals //  I have been practically living in my Birkenstocks this summer. After breaking them in, they are possibly the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned. Definitely a must!

hand sanitizer //  I don’t know about you, but everything feels super sticky in the summertime. Living in NYC and riding the subway (and inevitably touching the subway pole) makes me want to wash my hands immediately after riding. If I’m on the go all day, this B+BW classic is a must.

after-sun care //  I first tried this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After-Sun Lotion last summer as a part of my Influenster Surf’s Up VoxBox – and I loved it. It’s perfect to slather on after a day spent outdoors, feels truly hydrating (and not oily!!), and it smells amazing.

water bottle //  I can be found with a water bottle at hand any time of the year, not just summer. But a few months ago, my friend Hannah introduced me to this brand of bottles called S’well – and they’re amazing! They keep beverages cool for 24 hours OR hot for 12 hours. Perfect for long summer days spent outside. Not to mention the super pretty designs

sunglasses //  These are possibly my favorite sunglasses ever (from Design Darling – and monogrammed!). However if you wear glasses or contacts, prescription sunglasses can be pretty practical and cute at the same time (use code SUNNY20 for 20% off!).

lip balm //  This is such a basic item that everyone needs for the summer. I like Carmex for a few simple reasons: 1. it’s relatively cheap, 2. it has a lasting SPF, and 3. it actually moisturizes. Perfect for those balmy days (ha ha.. see what I did there?).

portable phone battery //  I don’t know about you, but I tend to drain my phone’s battery pretty quickly on the days when I’m furthest away from an outlet. This portable charger is slightly larger than a lipstick tube and offers a fast charge time.

sunscreen //  I got this Neutrogena Beach Defense sunscreen last summer, and it’s been my go-to for all things outdoors. It’s non-greasy, and I haven’t burned once while using it.

face wipes //  I received a free sample of these Neutrogena Naturals face wipes, and they’re perfect for a quick refresh if you’re feeling sweaty, oily, and in need of a clean feeling. I don’t recommend them for makeup removal (not thorough enough), but they’re ideal for post-workout and post-outdoor time.

* * * * *

So far, I’ve enjoyed a weekend in western Wisconsin and, of course, all that NYC has to offer. I’d love to take a trip to somewhere in New England (suggestions welcomed!), but no definite plans yet. Where are you off to this summer?!