New York Things

Since I’ve had family in town, I’ve done some touristy things over the past week or so (but let’s be real: it’s actually kind of fun to be a local and do the tourist thing – except for crowds. No one likes a crowd).

IMG_4130 IMG_4128 IMG_4234 IMG_4225 IMG_3847 IMG_4166 IMG_4264 IMG_4207 IMG_3855 IMG_3872 IMG_4245 IMG_4378 IMG_4256 IMG_3898 IMG_4119 IMG_3918 IMG_4129Alright, so the cherry blossom and tulip pictures are actually from a few weeks ago since all the petals have since dropped 🙁

But I had an amazing time with my family while they were in town. Thanks for visiting Mom, Brian, and Jennell!

Where’s your favorite place to go in the city now that it’s warm out!?