Weekend Reading

So… I’m officially officially officially done with school. No more required course readings, bad group projects, or thesis writing… This girl is d-o-n-e! Since NYU knows how to throw a party, there were two graduation ceremonies. The first was on Monday at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. The second was on Wednesday at Yankee Stadium. NBD.

It’s still super surreal that I’m done. The past two years have just flown by, and it’s hard to believe that my classmates and I are now Masters – ha!

The job search is really real, too. It’s fast, furious… and I’m still funemployed. Which is totally OK. (do any other recent grads need this reminder? IT’S OK! we seriously just graduated.)

Now that the graduation celebrations are done and my wonderful mom, brother, and his girlfriend are no longer staying at Chateau de Jenny, it’s time to establish a bit of a routine for myself as I’m no longer in school or interning… yikes! I’m hoping that creating some sort of a routine will help me fall back into a blogging schedule. It’s been too long!

Now for some weekend links…

Are You Using Emoji Wrong?

sleeping emojiNot going to lie: after reading this article, it’s pretty clear that I don’t know the real purpose behind some emoji. The one in the picture above? It doesn’t mean “sick with a cold” – it’s a sleepy emoji! Apparently characters in anime and manga have that snot bubble thing coming out of their faces when they’re sleepy. There are so many other emoji we’re using wrong.

Have You Read Any of These Books?

originalI’m very ashamed to admit that I have probably half of these books on my Kindle, but have only actually read two of the twenty-one total (Room and Bossypants). I clearly have some cathcing up to do! However, as the article states, “the one struggle of being a woman who reads is that you want to read everything.” How true is that! – my to-read pile is always larger (and growing!) than my finished pile.

Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Ummmmm, YES, you read that correctly. What sounds better than a toasted marshmallow shot glass!? Try with Bailey’s (or any liqueur) or chocolate milk for totally luxurious tasting experience. Once you finish the shot, you can munch down the marshmallow (which will be soaked with your drink of choice).

Twenty-Something Guide to Grocery Shopping

how to grocery shop on 50 dollarsDoes anyone else think that grocery shopping can sometimes be one of the most overwhelming activities (especially if you’re hungry)? Refinery29 put together this nifty guide on how to spend ~$50 per week on groceries with a sample menu on what you might eat for each meal. Super helpful!

How Is a VoxBox Made?

Occasionally, I’ve received VoxBoxes from Influenster to test out, review products, and share with my readers. You can read about it here (cheese!), here (beach!), here (Victoria’s Secret!), and here (winter!). Have you ever wondered how a VoxBox is made? I know I have! The team over at Influenster put together this sweet video detailing their process and the behind-the-scenes evolution of a VoxBox.

The Most Beautiful Sentences in YA Literature

mockingjay quoteI’m a sucker for YA lit (that’s young adult literature, for those who have regrettably left this genre). I read pretty much every genre now, but I still hold a special place for YA. There’s just something about the experience of growing up that never really changes, no matter how much time goes by. Buzzfeed and its readers have compiled a list of 46 of the most beautiful sentences in YA lit. Click through to read more!

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What are you reading this weekend?

If you’re celebrating Memorial Day this weekend, leave a comment with your holiday plans!