Weekend Reading

It’s been one week since I finished my internship and all my grad school final projects. It has been SO. NICE. sleeping in a little every day and enjoying relaxing days in my neighborhood. I spent a good FIVE hours on Wednesday just walking around the Upper West Side and occasionally stopping to read my book. Anyone who knows me will understand just how rare this is – I usually find any excuse to not have to voluntarily walk anywhere.

Anyways, my main point of all this is that I’ve been stopping to enjoy my time between school and my career. It’s a little disheartening that I don’t yet have a job lined up for post-grad life, but a few other blogs that I read stress the importance of enjoying this time – it’s probably the only time in your life that you can truly enjoy this “down” time.

When I’m not writing cover letters or wandering around my ‘hood (or decluttering my closet), I’ve curated some great reading for this weekend:

Where Are They Now? 20 “Sex and the City” Boyfriends (And 1 Girlfriend Too)

image via Cosmopolitan.com

Ok, so I kind of love this. I know not everyone watches SATC (that’s Sex and the City for all the non-devotees), but this was just too good to pass up. There was previously a girl that used signature Carrie Bradshaw lines when replying to Tinder messages (even if you don’t watch the show, you will still get some giGgLes out of it), and I pretty much get a kick out of anything new posted about the old SATC. Have you ever wondered what happened to some of the 25 men that Carrie Bradshaw dated?

First Look at CBS’s Supergirl

It’s no secret that Hollywood hasn’t been the best at featuring women in superhero roles. With all the buzz around ScarJo’s Black Widow in the Avengers series, gender politics in superhero films is at an all-time high. However, there will be a new female superhero on the TV block come November: Supergirl!

Melissa Benoist (Whiplash, Glee) will helm the show as the title character, with Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Laura Benanti (Tony award-winning badass), and Jeremy Jordan (Tony-nominated PYT) in supporting roles. Needless to say, I’ll be watching.

Daughters Try On Their Mother’s Wedding Dress

If you haven’t done this before, you’ll want to do this now. This is such a cute, sweet, and funny video. I tried on my mom’s wedding dress a few years ago. While it didn’t fit perfectly, it was a fun experience to step into the dress that she wore on her special day. Also, it may make you jealous of the tiny waist that your mom had all those years ago (and you’ll feel even more *wHaT* when she tells you that her mom’s wedding dress had an even tinier waist).

What the Disney Princess’ Apartments Would Look Like

image via Refinery29.com
image via Refinery29.com

Refinery29 has done it again – this time with Disney princess apartments! I love seeing how the princesses might decorate their humble abodes and use inspiration for my own place. I’m a little disappointed, however, that some princesses (Snow White, Tiana) were not included in this list and other non-princesses were (Wendy, Cruella de Vil). Maybe I’ll just have to make my own..! Stay tuned…

My Instagram Feed

My school within NYU, Steinhardt, has an Instagram Photo Challenge going on over the next week. Watch my Instagram for the latest on my favorite NYU Steinhardt moments! #Steinhardt2015!

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What are you reading this weekend?