[currently] Reading

I recently wrote about my adventures with Furious Love, the biography of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s epic romance. I’m still reading it (about halfway done), but decided I’d crack open a few other books now that I have some free time.

indexI am absolutely enthralled by Dr. Meg Jay’s book, The Defining Decade. It is SO good. As someone who’s in between school and a career, this is just the book I needed to fall into my lap. Talk about right place, right time!

So what is “the defining decade”? It’s definitely not thirty are the new twenty. Dr. Jay makes is very clear that she hates this way of thinking. If you waste away or float through your twenties, you’re going to miss the most transformative period of your life.

I’m already halfway through the book, and I imagine I’ll finish it by this weekend. If you’re in your twenties and want the tools to make the most of them now, pick up this book – it’s truly a breath of relief!

indexEverything you know about tidying up is wrong. How’s that for a book theme? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up draws upon the Japanese art (yes, it’s an art) of decluttering and organizing.

I thought the act of buying this book was a little ironic, considering the first step in Marie Kondo’s book is to discard… And I brought more into my home by purchasing this book. Oh, well!

So far, the technique has been working in the sense that I’m discarding sTufF from my closet. More later…

* * * * *

What’s on your reading list? Anything I should keep on my radar?