The Magic of Broad City

I feel like, at any moment in time, I always have a TV show that I point to and say, “that show is magical.” I’ve previously said it here and here. But this time, I have a new magical show: Broad City.

The show just wrapped up its second season on Comedy Central, and I’m already itching for more. Here is a clip from Season 2, Episode 1, on the reality of NYC subway encounters. It’s every bit of real:

The show started out as a super-successful YouTube web series and was eventually noticed by Amy Poehler…

Needless to say, she made sure that everyone would notice it. It began airing on Comedy Central just last year.

Broad City follows the hijinks of Ilana and Abbi (portrayed by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson), two best friends playing and getting by in NYC. It sometimes feels like a sketch comedy show, but each episode has its own storyline that sometimes carry over to the next episode (so I guess it’s nothing like sketch comedy – ha!).

The show’s had some pretty great cameos (Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, Kelly Ripa) and even features comedian Hannibal Buress as a semi-regular cast member.

If you’re not convinced to watch the show yet, maybe this, this, and this can convince you. And if not those, then maybe the show’s opening title graphics (which change every episode) can get you to tune in.

… so now you should be convinced. Great! Catch up on the first season on Amazon Instant (free for Prime members!).