Weekend Reading

I can practically hear winter break, Christmas, and 2015 shouting in the distance. They’re all teasing me with holiday fun, relaxation, and time with my family. What’s standing in my way? One last group project – a 3-minute video (seriously?) and a paper. Due on Monday.

I normally wouldn’t object to having final projects, but this one is due after the semester ends. And it’s a group project. Group projects can either go really well or be the bane of your existence… Even in grad school. This one hasn’t proven to be one or the other yet, but I’m not holding my breath.

Honestly, I walked myself into the UUGGHH trap when I volunteered to edit and proofread the final paper (written by four different voices) and create the 3-minute video. I knew that I wasn’t in any kind of mood to have any more group meetings, especially on an assignment with very little guidance and too much “tech” work. (I understand that we’re all business students, but that doesn’t mean every single one of us knows how to edit videos. Thankfully, my Youtube creations have somewhat helped me with this deficiency.)

Anyways, I’m craving Monday. Here are just some of the things I’ll be reading this weekend to keep me and my sanity in check:

1) Bored Coworkers Recreate Famous Paintings

via Demilked

This is SO funny. And anyone who knows their art history (or even newcomers) will get a really good chuckle out of this one. Some bored coworkers at Squarespace decided to take a little break in their workday to recreate classic paintings using only stuff they found in their office.

My favorite? Lady and the Unicorn: Sight and Mona Lisa.

2) Bitch in Business (All About That Bass parody)

This one is SO good and so funny as well. A group of Columbia University Business School students decided to make a parody video of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass for “all the badass bitches who aren’t afraid to be themselves in the business world.” You can even download the track here!

(thanks for sharing, Kellyn!)

3) Internet Philosophy Has Never Looked So Good

via Buzzfeed

Ok, truth: these are all pretty funny so far. That’s kinda just what you need during finals week though, #amiright?? I don’t know that I’d go as far as calling these remarks “philosophical,” but the posters may have over-thought it just a bit!

4) Dog + 3D Printing = freedom to run and play

via The Dodo
via The Dodo

This is SO heartwarming, and I’m so thankful for technology to improve the lives of humans AND our companions. This story also reminds me of the dog TurboRoo, who is in a similar situation to Derby. I’m excited to see more miracles like this in the future!

5) See these Golden Age Figures Come to Life

via Vanity Fair
Lucille Ball via Vanity Fair

These are SO fascinating, and collector David Willis and designer Stephen Schmidt have done a spectacular job turning these old photographs into images that look like they were taken an hour ago (picture above is of Lucille Ball). They collected a portfolio of photographs, deeply saturating and reproducing them from their original Kodachrome negatives. The result is a stunning collection of photographs that are so vivid, they just might take your breath away. Find their book here.

6) Restored Painting Saves Small Spanish Town

via Buzzfeed/Getty Images
via Buzzfeed/Getty Images

This is just TOO good to pass up. Remember the botched restoration of the Ecce Homo fresco back in 2012? It actually saved a small Spanish town’s economy due to the influx of tourists flocking to see the painting in the flesh. Now we can feel good about chuckling a little bit every time we see the restoration, knowing that some good has come from a bad situation.

7) What’s Your Chipot-name?

via Chipotle
via Chipotle

Not going to lie: I have Chipotle on the mind. In fact, I’m going there after I finish writing this post (it’s almost dinnertime). This is the perfect time of year for Chipotle to unroll this great marketing ploy.

What’s my name, you ask? Sister Salsabby Cheddarice.