It’s Raining… Again

Hey, Mother Nature – I thought we agreed? No more December rain, please!

New York is pretty disgusting today and will continue to be for the next few days as the ever-dreaded Nor’easter rolls through town. And instead of snow, it’s brought more rain. Cold rain. Wet rain. Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.

It’s days like this that make me want to coop up in my apartment, wrap myself in a blanket, and binge-watch Netflix while binge-drinking Earl Grey tea like it’s my job.

How do you motivate yourself to get outside (if only to walk) and not let the weather keep you down?

Not going to lie – this is always a supreme challenge for me. I hate being cold. I hate getting wet. I’d much prefer snow than rain (Wisconsinites are probably cringing as they read this).

In other news, fall semester classes are soon coming to an end. I find myself having projects, papers, and final assignments (thankfully no exams) thrown at me, left and right. I just turned in a grueling marketing plan yesterday for my Marketing the Performing Arts class. It was a great and very practical assignment, but so. much. work.

Now I have a group presentation tonight for a class that I’ve been mostly less-than-enthusiastic about. But at least the semester is coming to a close.

* * * * *

Anything holding you back right now or weighing you down? How are you overcoming it?