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Forecasters in NYC are predicting the temperature to drop quite a bit this weekend – and we might finally see a consistent snowfall. Not going to lie, I’m pretty sick of the rain. December and rain should never be in the same sentence. So in other words, WINTER IS COMING.

I’ve been craving the holiday lights, hot cocoa nights, and the snow gently falling out my window. I’m craving that winter wonderland – Christmastime in the City.

There’s been lots of new things coming out now that it’s the holiday season – next year’s movie trailers, sweet holiday discounts, and seasonal recipes for the hungry palette.

Here’s what I’m reading this weekend:

1) $x and Under: the Kate Spade edition

via katespade.com

Oh, Kate Spade. If I had a phrase to describe my fashion envy, it would definitely include this label. Kate Spade has put together a collection of their holiday gift ideas – from $50 and under to gifts under $200. And if you want to ensure that your gift will arrive to its destination in time for the holidays, Kate Spade has Gifting Guidelines for that.

And if you need gift ideas for that girly-girl in your life, be sure to see my ideas here.

2.) The Age of Adaline trailer

This trailer played when I saw Wild the other night, and I’m super excited to see it come April. It stars Blake Lively as Adaline, a woman who is ageless through time. It sounds boring when I describe it, but watch the trailer and see for yourself. Looks interesting, right?

3.) The Most Iconic Feminist Moments of the Year

via Mic.com
via Mic.com

Mic came out with their list of the most iconic feminist moments of 2014 – 39 of them to be exact. It’s a great list to reflect back on the amazing moments of achieving gender equality from the past year. Number 33 even reiterates something that I wrote about earlier this week.

Oh, and need gift ideas for the ultimate feminist on your list? Look no further.

4.) Macaron vs. Macaroon

via pastrygene.com
via pastrygene.com

I’ve been eating plenty of macarons lately – they’re absolutely adorable and entirely delicious. But, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t know the difference between macaron and macaroon. This post was funny and informative to read. If you’re not sure what the heck you’re eating confused between the two, definitely give it a read!

5.) Super Mario Bros. Dance

So, admittedly, I didn’t watch Dancing with the Stars this past fall. However, I did catch a few of the weekly dances when they made the news. One of my favorite quirky dances from this season was between Mark Ballas and Sadie Robertson – their freestyle to Nintendo’s “Super Mario Bros.” theme song during the finale. It’s a little sloppy, but one of the funner dances I’ve seen from the show.

Oh, and this actually exists. Happy listening!

6.) Handwriting Bar necklace

handwriting bar necklace
via Tallulah Boutique

How cute is this necklace!? It’s a bit pricey (starting at $150), but that’s because you can personalize it to say exactly what you want, in the handwriting that you want. The necklaces are entirely handcrafted to ensure the highest quality. So pretty!

* * * * *

What’s in your browser this weekend? Anything I missed?*

*I’m planning on watching Peter Pan Live! sometime this weekend or next week. I’ll have a brief review up after I watch it.