Weekend Reading


Remember Daria? Here’s a look at her reading list.

What does your zip code say about you? {marketing enthusiasts will appreciate this}

Your feet will feel comfy, stylish, and warm this winter.

’cause you’re there for me too: Friends is coming to Netflix!

Life Is Beautiful: First Look at Emma Stone in Cabaret.

Abandoned towns are still being discovered across the U.S.

Gone Girl: The debate over complicated gender roles {spoilers lie within}

Fido is much, much smarter than you think

7 social media studies to make your organization’s marketing stronger.

Real people try Cosmo‘s weird sex positions in NYC’s Washington Square Park {NSFW, obvs}

Watch what happens when NYT offers second graders a 7-course meal.

You can have your ex-boyfriend’s shirt + wear it too. AKA Madewell makes a darn good oversized flannel.

* * * * *

What’s on your radar this weekend?

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