A Little GIRLSy Art

If you’ve seen HBO’s Girls (and if you haven’t heard, HBO will soon be accessible to all), you know that great quote “All adventurous women do” said by Jessa, spoken by Shoshanna, and tweeted by Hannah.

Girls-HBO-episode-3-all-adventurous-women-do-7It’s technically in reference to Hannah’s contraction of a common STD among young women, but it’s applicable to just about anything. Want to say yes more? All adventurous women do. Need the courage to step outside of your comfort zone? All adventurous women do. It’s basically awesome. And if you don’t believe me, just check out this tattoo that a [super]fan of the show got inked on her ankle.

I found the quote in a cross-stitch pattern in a beautiful, unique frame on the A Manic Monday Etsy store. There’s tons of other cute cross-stitch patterns available to download and make yourself or pre-made for purchase (I went with the latter).

il_570xN.659774668_64h0It’s currently hanging on my gallery wall (will share photos once it’s complete!). What do you think? Would you hang this quote in your home, or do you have other mantras you would display?

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