#VSSportBra VoxBox

I’m super, super, SUPER excited to share my most recent delivery in the mail: the Victoria’s Secret Sport VoxBox!

Inside my Victoria’s Secret Sport VoxBox…

Check out my latest VoxBox swag in the below Instagram pic…

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I wore both the sport bra and leggings to candlelight yoga at Yoga to the People on Sunday, and I couldn’t be any happier with how functional they are. The yoga class wasn’t quite hot yoga, but the room wasn’t air conditioned… I’ll let you put two + two together.

The Knockout Tight legging pants were excellent at absorbing sweat, especially considering I was emitting moisture the entire class. I also felt like the fabric was flexible enough when I was stretching deeper into poses. I didn’t feel like they were going to rip (haha – that would have been fabulous) or prevent me from working through a flow.

The Standout Sport Bra was top-notch at keeping my girls in check – AKA it did its job! I like that there is a considerable amount of gel padding so that I don’t feel exposed when wearing a tank top. It’s also wireless (thank heavens) which is super important to me since wire bras can sometimes be the most uncomfortable thing on the planet. Also, I’d like to just mention how comfortable this sport bra really is. Most sport bras are comfy to wear, but I actually didn’t want to take this one off (even though I eventually did since I needed to shower, lawlz). Keep this in mind if you’re looking for a sport bra that provides comfort + support + style (see below pic if you don’t believe me when I say: it’s darn cute).

I’m really excited to share coupons with my girlfriends for a few different reasons. My friend, Hannah, is a runner. Like a real runner who runs marathons. Kellyn is a dancer and yogi. Any kind of dance or yoga position – she’s got it down. They’re probably a bit more active than I, but I digress. I’m excited to see what they will say about their experiences with VS Sport!

If you decide to try out Victoria’s Secret Sport, let me know what you think too!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.