5 Ways to Make Wednesday More Meaningful

Middle of the week. Halfway to the weekend. Hump day. Yeah, you know it: Wednesday. You can either make this day your b**** or succumb to the pressure of the mid-week slump.

Since I’ve started working 5 days a week (more on this later!), I’ve been trying to make my weekdays as meaningful as I make my weekends: enjoyable, something I look forward to, and not just another day in the countdown to the weekend.

5 ways to make Wednesdays meaningful

1.  Do one “weekend” activity every Wednesday

Sometimes the last thing you want to do after getting home from work during the middle of the week is something that requires any energy at all. Whether it’s grabbing a drink with friends, seeing a movie or a show, or even just having one extra glass of wine with your dinner – try to have something to look forward to at the end of your hump day. It will make the week much more enjoyable – trust me!

Just as a tip from someone who tries to go out more during the week, prices tend to be cheaper and there’s usually more availability (especially for tickets to shows/movies).

2.  Review your to-do list

How’s your progress on the week’s to-do list? Sometimes just realizing how far you’ve come since Monday helps make the distance to Friday that much shorter. Plus, the act of crossing off an item on your list is so entirely fulfilling – even for the smallest of tasks!

3.  Laugh at something

My friend, Tarin, practically celebrates Hump Day. She posts something hilarious every Wednesday, and it’s something I honestly look forward to every week. It’s important to remember that we shouldn’t take the work week too seriously.

4.  Meditate on the week

Similar to crossing off items on your to-do list, meditating on your week can help you realize how far you have come as a person since the week’s beginning. Hippie-dippie? Maybe. But reflecting on your personal goals (outside of work/school-related goals) can make you feel more self-aware and fulfilled.

5.  Do at least 3 good deeds

One thing that my mom taught my brother and me growing up was that we should always do at least one “good deed” per day. This can include holding the door open for someone, letting another car in your lane during rush hour, complimenting someone… you get the picture. There’s actually a proven science behind kindness and how it can actually make you happier. So why not go above and beyond? Do three good deeds instead of the usual one.

 * * * * *

I really hope that you can incorporate some of these mid-week motivation boosters into your life. I’m going to try my hardest to look forward to slump days Wednesdays, even with these simple tasks (one more item on my to-do list!).

Let me know if you decide to start doing any of these game-changers, and we’ll work on bringing meaning to our Wednesdays together!