Life Update

Did you miss me? I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for far too long, but I’m turning that boat around and jumping back on the metaphorical blogging wagon.

In the past month and a half, a lot has been shifting around in my life. For starters, I was heading back to NYC from a much-needed rest in WI and jumping right back into my internship with slightly increased hours. On top of that, I was moving apartments (moving in NYC is basically like having a part-time job – it’s so. much. work.). And on top of that, I was starting my summer business class. And on top of that, I broke my big toe and and continue to hobble around this concrete jungle (but for real, the humidity).

Anyways, I have some great ideas planned for the near future – and the biggest part of that includes committing to writing at least three times per week (fingers crossed – I’m hoping that sharing this with you all will motivate me to keep this promise).

In the meantime, enjoy this film noir-inspired photo of my cripple-shoe and crutches.

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