The Fashion of Mad Men

Since I’ve been watching Mad Men during my time in Wisconsin, I can’t help but be absolutely obsessed with the fashion on the show. I think one reason this show has been so successful is because of its ability to capture the essence of New York City in the 1960s, specifically the fashion.

I pulled together some of my favorite looks from the show and organized by character. No harsh feelings to the characters not included, but these are probably the most prolific female style icons on the show.

Betty (Draper) Francis


Betty’s style is so quintessentially 1950-60s housewife to a T. The casting agents for this show really nailed the Grace Kelly look with January Jones. She may not have Princess Grace’s serene attitude, but she certainly has an attitude of her own that’s not to be reckoned with.



Megan Draper


Megan’s look definitely captures the look of women who were feeling more liberated in the late ’60s. She always has a bit of a dramatic look, whether through her hair, makeup, or outfit, and a carefree sense of life.


Sally Draper


Sally’s style evolution has been fun to watch as she ages. She started out as precious and innocent, moving towards a more feminine and mature look as she explores her teenage years. And let’s be real, the girl can really rock a headband.


Peggy Olson


Peggy’s look is very parallel to her success in life. As she moves up the corporate ladder, her style radiates confidence. Her outfits are also more toned down than the other women in the office, which makes sense if she’s trying to make sense of everything in a man’s world – which she’s making sure changes to an everybody’s world.


Joan Harris


Joan is obviously the bombshell of the show, if you couldn’t tell by looking at her. She’s gorgeous in everything she wears. It doesn’t hurt that Christina Hendricks’s red hair only adds to the spice her character radiates on the show. But make no mistake, Joan is nobody’s fool – she runs her own world – and the office – on her terms.


* * * * *

I’m not entirely caught up with the series, but I can’t wait to see what more fashionable moments come. I’m sure I could even do an entire post about the hair styles on the show, but I think I’ll skip out on that (for now).

Are there any other Mad Men fashion moments and costumes I missed? Let me know – let’s obsess together!


All images from AMC.