My First Year of Grad School…

…is DONE! Well, after I turn in my final paper later today. It’s so crazy to think about how quickly this past year flew by. Where did that time go?

When my classmates and I first started the year, we always heard stories about what the second year students were doing, what classes they liked, didn’t like, where they were interning… Now, we are the second year students. No pressure or anything!

Only one year of classes stand between me and the absence of formal education. I would have said “freedom from school,” but grad school is most definitely a specific and well thought out choice (AKA I chose to keep going to school, and therefore shouldn’t really be complaining about the workload).

I remember when I was completing my last semester at UWM and had not yet been accepted to any graduate programs. I had this terrible feeling of panic, wondering where I would be and what I would be doing after graduation. I had thrown all my efforts toward grad school, and I didn’t really have a back-up plan if I was denied. Sheer. Panic.

However, it turns out that I was accepted, and I’ve survived through my first year. Yippee!

Here’s a picture of Hannah, Kellyn, and I writing papers at The Bean (AKA home of the best freaking chai latte you will ever have. EVER).

Working hard or hardly working? #finals

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