UWM Nostalgia

I have been so, so, so incredibly nostalgic for my time at UW-Milwaukee. Springtime was probably my favorite time on campus… blooming flowers, greening trees, driving by Lake Michigan (which straight-up looks like the ocean), and knowing that summer would be right around the corner. I miss it.

I follow all of UWM’s social media accounts, and I feel pangs of jealousy when I see new campus pictures posted.

Beautiful day on Spaights! #UWM

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Trees are blooming at #UWM. #spring #springtime #Milwaukee #tree

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I was also jealous when I saw the fall course list posted for my former program, Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies. I would do anything to take Animals and the Media again. It was one of the best classes I’ve had during my many years as a student.

Since I was a commuter student, I often spent a lot of time just waiting between classes either at the library or the Student Union. Oh my gosh, I got so much work done in that library – it’s kind of insane. I sometimes wish I still had day classes just so I could get that same amount of work done now!

I think I’m feeling nostalgic because I’m seeing graduation posts and I’m ending my first year of grad school at NYU. But I know I’m also just plain missing UWM. It was a great undergraduate experience, and I wouldn’t trade my decision to transfer there after my freshman year at all.