Tea Talks: My Love Affair with the City

I have been in New York for ten months now. TEN months! That’s nearly a year. I can’t believe it.

Since I have been here, I’ve really had a love/hate relationship with the city. I don’t know that “hate” is the right word, but definitely something along the lines of “OhMyGoshWhyAmIHereIShouldJustGoHome.”

It’s not easy living here; it’s almost like having another relationship – you need to work at it. Crowds. Pollution. No personal space. Filth. GoGoGo. Rats. New York is not an easy place to love – but it’s possible.

I basically preach that if you change the way you think about things, the way you think about things will change. And after my initial honeymoon phase of living here, it’s been a constant effort to make this city (and this time in my life) the absolute best possible experience for myself.

Springtime is usually seen as a time of rebirth, and oh man, has it ever made me see New York in a new light! For the past several days, I have had the same thought at the end of the night: New York, I love you.

I don’t care that the subway is crowded and I don’t have a pole to hang onto – I’m so grateful I live in a city that can get me from Point A to Point B (mostly) seamlessly. Yeah, rats rule the underground world here and trash flies all over the place, but I have an apartment to go home to at the end of the day.

The pollution makes my allergies go wonkers, but I’m thankful that I have accessible healthcare that makes it easier to deal with. And when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the beast that is grad school, I can go walk to the East River Esplanade, clear my head, and be grateful that I’m receiving a world-class education.

I thought fall would be my favorite time in the city, but spring has definitely stolen my heart. It makes me feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. I feel unstoppable. Motivated for more. Inspired to do my best.

New York, I love you.