[currently] My Spring TV Obsessions

Not only does spring bring new weather, new fashions, and a new outlook, but it also brings new TV obsessions. Whether shows are just wrapping up their seasons, series, or beginning for the first time, TV is in its rebirth season of the year.

I’ve been a bit busy this past week, but that only means that my Friday was devoted to catching up on my favorite TV shows and not worrying about accounting (for now).

How I Met Your Mother – series finale

Courtesy of CBS.

For those of you who don’t live under a rock, you know that HIMYM has come to its end. Some devoted fans hated the finale and feel betrayed by the show writers. Others, myself included, felt that the finale was a beautiful ending to such a beloved sitcom. Though it wasn’t how I originally thought the series would end, I’m ultimately glad with it. Loose ends were tied up for each character, and they each had a fairly realistic reaction to life’s major events (Major Events *salutes*).

If you’re still feeling confused or upset after watching the finale, read this great post by Hello Giggles writer, Laura Donovan. And once again, farewell to a wonderful show! Thanks for 9 great years!

Doll & Em

Courtesy of HBO.

It’s only a short six-episode series on HBO, but it’s a really funny look at the relationship between two female best friends. Dolly Wells (comedian) and Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom) star as Doll and Em, two best friends living and working with each other in Hollywood. After Doll has a bad falling out with a boyfriend, Em offers her the opportunity to come live with and work for her as her personal assistant while Em completes a film shoot.

Possibly the most fascinating aspect of this show is that is reflects the real lives of Wells and Mortimer – they’re actually best friends, though they are not entirely like their characters. You can catch this series on HBO or HBO GO.

Inside Job

Courtesy of TNT.

This show isn’t freshly new (it premiered on March 14), but it’s pretty entertaining if you’re already a fan of shows like Undercover Boss and The Real World. Basically there are four applicants to a job at a well known company, and one of the candidates already works for the company and is serving as the eyes and ears to see who will be the best fit for the job. It’s a bit like The Real World in the sense that the candidates all have to live with each other while trying out for the job – a bit crazy, no?

Catch up on earlier episodes and watch live on Wednesday nights on TNT.

Girls – season 3 finale

Painstakingly beautiful shot of Hannah walking away from Adam. Courtesy of HBO.

Ok, so this aired a few weeks ago too, but I’m catching up on my writing, alriiiight? This finale left me with so many mixed emotions. In so many ways, Adam and Hannah’s relationship was redeeming for both of them. He helped her to overcome her mental health problems. She helped him to realize his true potential as an artist. They helped each other to grow, but ultimately did not grow as a couple. Hence, the perfect episode title, “Two Plane Rides.”

The other girls had great moments in the finale too, especially Shoshanna. It was really a moment for Shosh and Hannah to realize that the only person who can make you happy is yourself. Hannah realized this much more than Shosh, who desperately tried to win back Ray after she realized her psych professor failed her and she was three credits short of graduating from NYU.

Catch up on season 3 with HBO GO.

The Good Wife – mid-season shocker

“Alicia you have a phone call” – “Now?” – “Yes… You have to take it.” Courtesy of CBS.

Please do not read any further if you’re not caught up on this show. [SPOILERS LIE AHEAD]. So… OMGoodWife! In a shocking twist of events, the writers over at The Good Wife have killed off one of the main characters in the series. Fans can rest easy to know that Alicia is fine and well (though maybe not emotionally), but their beloved [hottie] Will Gardner has been killed by his own client (portrayed by Hunter Parrish).

It turns out that Josh Charles (Will) initially wanted to leave at the end of last season, but decided to stay on for half a season more to finish out his character’s storyline. It will be interesting to see how Alicia decides to cope from here on out and how this affects her relationship with her husband, Peter (Chris Noth), and her new law firm, Florrick, Agos, and Associates.

Watch live on CBS on Sundays.

Inside Amy Schumer – season 2 premiere

Courtesy of Comedy Central.
Courtesy of Comedy Central.

My goal is to get as many people as I can to watch this show, and then have them realize that they are watching, perhaps, the most feminist show on television. Amy Schumer and her team of wildly talented writers have managed to create “a sketch comedy series in which nearly every bit is devoted in some capacity to gender politics.” Schumer’s increasing star power is paving the way for more household names to appear on her show in cameos (Paul Giamatti played God in the season opener).

Though she’s recognized mostly for her stand-up, Schumer is also a hilariously brilliant actor. If her skits don’t convince you enough, maybe you don’t have a sense of humor. Otherwise, look out for her to write, produce, and star in the next Judd Apatow film.

If you haven’t seen season 1 – you need to get caught up! It’s available on Amazon Prime Instant, or otherwise watch the new season live on Tuesdays on Comedy Central.

* * * * *

Well, there you have it. These are the shows I’m currently swooning over – and I can’t get enough! What shows are you loving right now? I’m always looking for new shows to distract me from accounting homework 😉