Snowy Saturday

It’s another snowy day in the city, and I’m sitting here with my cup of tea (Twinings English Breakfast Tea) looking out at the white blankets that line the neighboring buildings. I recently started the journey of importing photos from my iPhone to my computer. It’s not fun, but I know I can’t put it off any longer when my phone doesn’t let me use any apps because I’m using storage that doesn’t actually exist (8,436 photos isn’t that much space to store on a phone, is it?). Ok, so maybe I need to stop hoarding digital space.

Ha, well here I am. The snow is really pretty to watch come down – it’s big, fluffy flakes that remind me of winters in Wisconsin. A few friends received a lovely Snapchat video of me singing a little and showing them the snow from my apartment window. I’m sure it was thoroughly appreciated.

Well, this post is probably boring so far. How about a little update on things that matter:

It May Be a Nonprofit Theater, but the Tickets Look For-Profit, The New York Times


As a future arts administrator, it’s important for me to keep track of industry news… Especially since I’ll most likely end up working on the side of nonprofit, rather than commercial. We talk a lot in school about the blurring of lines between commercial and nonprofit theater and at what point does a company sway away from its mission to receive financial gain. It’s an ongoing struggle in the arts world, and it’s becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on.

I respect all of the companies listed in this article, but I can’t help but wonder what the foundations, individuals, corporations, and government agencies that support them are thinking. Partnering with commercial investors to produce a show that has already been done less than a year ago? It’s a tough nail to hammer. And if nonprofit theater is generally supposed to make theater more accessible than the commercial theater, then why are ticket prices skyrocketing to Broadway-like prices? Doesn’t sound very accessible to me.

Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay: ‘I Am Tired of Lying by Omission’, The Hollywood Reporter

Source: The Jane Dough

Yes, she’s a celebrity. Yes, she’s gay. And yes, this matters. I read another great article about her coming out speech, and it nailed it perfectly. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it on the interwebs. BUT, the general message was that we, as a society, need to reach a point where we go “yeah, so what?” when someone announces that they are gay. It needs to reach a point where being gay isn’t something that is still considered unnatural by some people.

Here’s an excerpt from the HR article that I found amusing:

Page, who paused frequently to collect herself as emotions swelled, added that reading about herself in the tabloids can be a trying ordeal. She mentioned one article, accompanied by a paparazzi photo of her wearing sweatpants on the way to the gym, that asked, “Why does this petite beauty insist upon dressing like a massive man?” (The answer: “Because I like to be comfortable,” a line that drew laughter and applause.)

Because of Ellen Page’s coming out speech, someone might realize that their favorite movie star is gay, and that’s ok. Or maybe someone will find the courage to accept who they are because the celebrity they look up to experienced the same pain and suffering that they are going through, and made it out hopeful. Either way, this is great news and another step for Hollywood.

Wisconsin State Lawmakers Launch Effort To Repeal Gay Marriage Ban, The Huffington Post

I continue to be absolutely appalled by the actions of the current Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker. Next to Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan, and Jim Sensenbrenner (PATRIOT act, anyone?), this guy takes home the gold in true idiocy. In a recent interview Walker said, “I haven’t heard significant movement across the state to make an alteration on that one way or the other.” …ummm, “one way or the other” – as if he’s considered moving backwards with human rights? People, this man (I have stronger words, but I want to keep this site clean) has been in talks of running as the Republican candidate in the next presidential election. Don’t ignore any news you hear about him. It’s a big deal.

Source: The Nation

I pulled this excerpt from an article by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Walker said he would leave it to Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to defend the ban on gay marriage included in Wisconsin’s constitution. Van Hollen has pledged to do that.

“We take an oath to uphold the constitution and as long as that’s part of our constitution, we’re obligated to uphold it,” Walker said. “If that were to change, certainly we’d look at it differently.”

Yeah… major d-bag status (trying to keep it clean, folks). Anyways, in better news… WI democrat lawmakers have officially launched their effort to repeal the state’s ban on gay marriage. [Smart] Wisconsinites have shown that they’re ready to move their beloved state forward – which is even WI’s motto! Sign the petition. Share it with your friends. Have them share it with their friends. Repealing the gay marriage ban in WI would not only be a huge step forward for the state, but it would affect other swing states as well. Human rights should apply to ALL citizens, folks. That’s equality.

Source: Wisconsin Senate Democrats
Source: Wisconsin Senate Democrats

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Alright, I’m a little tuckered out and worked up about my home state’s affairs. Time to go back to relaxing and check on my iPhone’s import process.

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