Oh, to be Blue Bayou

I’ve recently become a big Vera Bradley fan ever since I discovered their Canterberry Magenta design. I’m still building my personal collection, but so far I’m the proud owner of the large duffel, zip ID case, luggage ID tag, and the Mandy bag (currently in shipment to my apartment). I’m absolutely hooked! Since the material is machine-washable, there’s really no worry in dirtying up any of the bags or purses. And the designs are so distinct that you’ll want to build up a special collection in your favorite color.

I recently traveled with my large duffel from Milwaukee to New York, and the bag was absolutely perfect for what I needed. Not only is it carry-on compliant but it’s also large enough that it fits much, much more than you would think. And since my luggage ID tag was secured to my checked bag, it made my bag stand out amongst all of the other black suitcases.

Though I’m partial to Canterberry Magenta, I’m loving the new Spring 2014 Blue Bayou. Its vibrant blue in addition to the black and white contrast really make the pattern pop. These are just some of the accessories and handbags that caught my attention while browsing their website:

topmiddle bottom

Soft Frame iPhone 5 Case // Mini Notebook

Jewelry Case // Beaded Bracelet

Mandy // Mini Loft Duffel

Check out Vera Bradley’s other lovely patterns on their website. Do you see one that’s calling your name? Let me know if you already have a pattern or if you see one that strikes your fancy! And, as always, leave a comment or send me a message to let me know your thoughts.