Sex and the City 2.0

Disclaimer: This post may contain spoilers from both Girls and Sex and the City (including the two films). Do not read if you don’t wish to have any plot points spoiled.

I know I’m not old to enough to have watched Sex and the City when it was live on HBO, but I own the entire series on DVD, have seen every episode probably ten times or more, and have watched several reruns on E! (and when it was on TBS). I have even forgiven the cast for making the second movie (because everyone knows Carrie would never cheat on Big with Aiden).



I’m not one who likes to compare shows to one another (Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother, anyone?), but it’s hard to not think of Sex and the City when talking about HBO’s Girls. Now, before you stop reading… I know that Girls isn’t new. I also know that it is not Sex and the City.

Though the show also revolves around the lives of four girls living in New York City, Girls is much darker than its glitzy predecessor. Its second season finale ended with Hannah (portrayed by the vivacious Lena Dunham) suffering from her OCD and mental break while attempting to write her first book. Something you would probably never see happen to Carrie and her column. But that’s just part of the appeal to Girls – its realness in portraying young women struggling to balance entering the “real world” and still trying to maintain their freedom and sanity they had when they were in their college years.

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I was initially skeptical while considering starting the series this past summer, but I was new to HBO GO and had all the free time in the world. I finished the two seasons in one week. It was probably too much to process all at once, but I really enjoyed watching it. I now understand all of its much-deserved hype. Since its third season premiere, the Internet has continued to explode with articles, Buzzfeed posts, and even a New York Times article surrounding Lena Dunham’s Vogue retouching controversy.

And have you seen these American GIRLS Dolls? They’re hilarious and so spot on. I bet they would sell fairly well if they were actually real:


And since I’m a sucker for those online personality quizzes, I just had to take the Which Girls character are you? quiz that I came across on Facebook. I thought for sure that I was a shoe-in for Marnie, but I got…



The lasting effect of Girls on current popular culture has even spread to those of the SATC alums. Miranda and Marnie sat down recently to discuss their respective groundbreaking series. If you have watched both of the shows or even if you have an interest in just one of them, I highly recommend reading this Times interview. It’s really interesting to read, and Cynthia Nixon and Allison Williams are just delightful.

If you have some free time between classes, after work, or (in my case) haven’t started the spring semester yet, I suggest you take a chance on Girls. If you don’t have HBO GO, perhaps a friend would be so kind as to lend you their username and password for a weekend. And if you’ve seen the first two seasons but aren’t caught up on the third, you’re in luck – HBO has uploaded the first and second episodes on YouTube for free. Rejoice!

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Do you have any TV shows that you think I should check out? Let me know! I’m kind of a pop culture junkie and always on the search for new shows to binge.