A Ladies’ Outing

One of my favorite activities in the whole world is spending time with one of my absolute best friends – my mom. We had such a fun time together yesterday, especially since it was somewhat warmer outside (don’t even get me started on how cold WI has been this week – schools and businesses were closed Monday AND Tuesday because of the wind chill!). Here are just some of the fun things we did!

The Daily Grind

The day kicked off with Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. …just kidding – kind of! I’m not sure when the official day actually is, but I did accompany my mom to her office. Don’t get too worried though – I’m not changing my career path – I only sat in the conference room reading while she met with clients in a separate room.

My mom snapped this picture of me while I wasn’t looking. Sneaky!

And if you’re curious, I’m reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. It’s a critically acclaimed mysterious crime novel written in 1939. Don’t let the publication date scare you. Not only has it been adapted for the big screen twice (one with Humphrey Bogart and the other with Robert Mitchum), but it still remains a top detective mystery novel today. And as a fun fact, it is said that the Coen brothers’ film The Big Lebowski drew inspiration from The Big Sleep‘s plot elements and its protagonist, Philip Marlowe.

Tea for Two

We continued our day by heading downtown to The Watts Tea Shop at George Watts for some tea and lunch. And, oh goodness, was it ever delicious! We started off with tea – chocolate chai for me and green mango for my mom. Each of the teas was served in its own teapot with hot water and loose leaves (so cute!) and our own tea strainers. Our starters came in the form of chicken tortilla soup – SO good! It had a bit of a kick to it, but I definitely recommend it. After that was finished, we got our entrees. I ordered the Mac and Cheese Cordon Bleu (including chicken, ham, and broccoli), and my mom ordered the Watts’ Tuna Melt (including an English muffin and fresh fruit). Needless to say, we left the Tea Shop with a full stomach and a happy heart (it is often said that tea is good for the soul).

As we left the Tea Shop and headed back to our car, we noticed this sign posted by the payment machine in the parking lot. We both got a good laugh out of it:

WARNING! Not an employee!


The Milwaukee Art Museum was designed by Santiago Calatrava. Its wings were open when we went (they are also able to shut). You may recognize the location from a recent Transformers film.

We decided to head to the Milwaukee Art Museum for an afternoon filled with art. It’s always fun to go here even though the permanent collection really doesn’t change. Since we went while there was no special exhibit, the museum was peacefully quiet – which made the visit even more enjoyable!

Looking out of the Calatrava at Lake Michigan.
There was a car – yes, a REAL car – wrapped around a pole outside the rear of the museum. Art can be pretty awesome.
Making sense of it all.
PBR and an orange.
PBR and an orange.
This artist thought Hakuna Matata before it was cool.
This artist thought of Hakuna Matata before it was cool.

It was kind of funny at this point in our visit. Because we were giggling so much at some of the works (not because they were bad – because they weren’t – but because of our immaturity when we’re together), a security guard tailed us around the rest of our walk through the first floor – OOPS!

My mom has taken pictures of my brother and me next to naked statues ever since I can remember!
My mom has taken pictures of my brother and me next to naked statues ever since I can remember!
See my Instagram for a fun caption to this photo.

These next two paintings (I have two pictures of the second one) were so cool. I forgot to take down the artist’s name, but enjoy these snapshots 🙂




The next few pictures were taken inside the Mrs. Harry L. Bradley Collection of the MAM. It’s probably one of the best parts of the whole museum. From Pablo Picasso to Ellsworth Kelly to Georgia O’Keefe, there are so many renowned pieces of art to be seen.

The opera, the opera…
This was supposed to look like an optical illusion... but since I'm slightly taller than the average child, it didn't work out for me :(
This was supposed to look like an optical illusion designed for kids to pose in front of… but since I’m slightly taller than the average child, it didn’t work out for me 🙁
Relaxing in one of the comfy chairs in The Mrs. Harry L. Bradley Collection.
Relaxing in one of the comfy chairs in The Mrs. Harry L. Bradley Collection.
My favorite painting in the entire MAM.
My favorite painting in the entire MAM.



We then went back to our house in the ‘burbs and began a bit of a game night (with some Starbucks and fresh fruit). We played games that my family used to play when I was much, much younger – Snakes and Ladders, Mouse House – all out of a giant board game book!

Snakes and Ladders
Mouse House

Night, Night…

Me, tempting Brownie with a teddy bear that she’s not allowed to chew on.

We decided to settle in for the night with some Skinny Girl Moscato – YUM! – and some movies. Brownie was included in this part of our night 🙂

This one is so refreshing and light – love it!

* * * * *

My favorite part of this whole day was the time I spent with my mom. There’s nothing better than being completely present when you’re with someone you love. Since I live in NYC now, I cherish every moment I spend with my mom when I’m home – it’s a gift!

What are some of the things that you like to do to have a relaxing and fulfilling day? Leave a comment or send me a message – I’d love to hear from you!