Give Yourself a Positive Life

How can you change the way you think? It’s kind of tough to wrap your mind around the idea. You have full control over your actions and behaviors… but you can’t really control what comes into your mind. I was once told that if I change the way I think about things, then the way I think about things will change. It’s simple (and slightly confusing at first), but it’s totally right. It may be hard to realize that we can have the power to change how we think, but it is possible to change your thoughts for the betterment of yourself. When you tend to think of positive things and moments, your thoughts tend to be generally more positive. If you think mostly of and dwell on negative things and situations, your thoughts will most likely be fairly negative. 


My brother told me that his experience living in Spain while studying abroad has completely changed his outlook on the world because he was forced to live outside of his comfort zone. I commend him for his time there because I cannot imagine having to speak a language that isn’t fully natural to me every. single. day. Though my experience living in New York is not entirely the same as his was in Barcelona, I can definitely say that my mind has been broadened by things I’ve seen, people I’ve met, and just my plain day-to-day life since I moved here. It’s weird to go back home to Wisconsin now because it’s an entirely different environment (not just physically, but people are different too). The first quote really makes me think of this situation – not that I can never go back to WI again but that I can’t go back to my more close-minded way of thinking of when I lived in  the protective bubble that is Waukesha County. I was never completely close-minded, but I’m definitely more open to experiences and situations now in NYC that I wasn’t as comfortable with while living in WI.


I’d love to hear about some of your situations you’ve encountered that have made you more open to new situations or thoughts that have led you to a more positive life. Feel free to share in the comments below or hit the “contact me” above to send me a private note.

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