Thankful, thankful, joy, joy

So I’ve already broken my promise and didn’t make a video for Day 2 of Vlogmas… whoops! Maybe I’ll have to try for just every other day – much more doable.

In addition to counting down the days until Christmas, I’m also counting down the days of classes I have left:

  • 2 Marketing classes, 1 homework assignment, 1 final paper
  • 3 Leadership classes, 1 final group presentation/paper
  • 0 PAA classes (just finished both last night – woohoo!), 1 final paper

And, thankfully, one major group paper and presentation is completely finished and turned in. I only have two weeks left until the semester is over, but it feels like I still have so much to do! It really helps to put into perspective that I’m completely done, finished, never have to think about (well, not really) one class again because it finished up last night. And once I finish a final research paper this weekend and turn it in on Monday, I can strike one more class to worry about off of that list.

Ugh, the worries. Anyways, here is today’s vlog. Enjoy my ramblings!