[currently] What I’m Reading

In my spare time (how cliche) and when I’m on the subway, I like to read for fun. This means books that I’ve had on a list that I’ve been dying to read and unrelated to classes. Here are some of the books I’m digging into:

Take the Cannoli: Stories from the New World, by Sarah Vowell

I found myself laughing out loud so many times while reading this. Vowell is not only an author and journalist, but a “social observer.” As she recalls her days spent at the Chelsea Hotel to her time studying abroad and roaming the streets of Corleone (to experience what the Godfather did, duh!), she interweaves history with personal stories in a way that keeps the reader engaged. The story behind the name of the book (a line from The Godfather, duh!) will leave you giggling whenever you hear the phrase. I would definitely recommend this collection of essays!

Social TV: How Marketers Can Reach and Engage Audiences by Connecting Television to the Web, Social Media, and Mobile, by Mike Proulx and Stacey Shepatin

Ok, so I’m a giant nerd. In my media studies program at UWM, I spent my final semester researching the phenomenon that is “social TV” and wrote a rather lengthy paper to prove it. Social TV refers to the technology that encourages and promotes social activity and interaction (related to the programming) while watching television (for example, promoted Twitter hashtags, GetGlue, zeebox). I’m still very much interested in this developing area/consumer behavior, hence why I’m reading this book! The book is interesting enough (and not written in such an uptight scholarly manner) to not be boring. Each chapter even ends with a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone to link you to more up-to-the-minute research (if this doesn’t engage a reader, I don’t know what will!).

Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century, by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger

I haven’t actually started this book yet; it’s next on my list. In fact, it’s scheduled to for delivery tomorrow through Amazon. Usually I buy the Kindle version of a book, but Amazon is offering a discount for the paperback version (at only $6.80! – what a steal). I can’t wait to crack this one open and read about this fascinating couple and their (several) love affair(s).

* * * * *

I previously recommended Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – and I still do! Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are now firmly attached to the film, so I’m even more excited to see it. Perhaps I’ll just have to re-read it this winter!

I’m always looking for new book suggestions – tell me what you’re reading in the comment section below!