My TV Spirit Animals

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a TV junkie. I watch some of the greatest shows on TV, and I also watch some of the worst. I always like to justify my reasoning for watching “bad” TV by saying that I studied media studies in my undergrad… which is true, but we were by no means required to watch bad TV (or any TV, actually!). Anyways, everyone has their favorite shows and characters who they relate to or wish to emulate. Here are just some of the characters that I relate to and aspire to be like:

Liz Lemon

I don’t think I could complete a list like this without including Tina Fey’s 30 Rock persona, Liz Lemon. She’s quirky without being annoying and says what most women think (but won’t admit to). She’s loves eating night cheese in her Snuggie and is, generally, just a little weird. Oh, Liz Lemon. You will be missed on Thursday nights.

Carrie Bradshaw

Now before you do your automatic groan in response to this Sex and the City character, hear me out. Carrie is unapologetically herself, which is important when creating a strong female lead in a TV series. It doesn’t hurt that she has great style and enough wisdom to pen a weekly (fictional) column. Now if only I could channel Carrie’s rent-controlled (at $750) Upper East Side apartment between Park and Madison…

The exterior footage of Carrie’s apartment was actually shot in Greenwich Village.
Ummmm, biggest studio I’ve ever seen!

Sloan Sabbith

Played by Olivia Munn on HBO’s The Newsroom, Sloan Sabbith is outrageously smart, holds a PhD in economics, is socially awkward, and extremely attractive. She loves her job and is driven by her passion for economics. Oh yeah, and she’s all for women’s rights.

Dr. Mindy Lahiri

I actually didn’t watch The Mindy Project until Gavin told me that I AM Mindy Lahiri, and now that I’ve seen the show… I half agree! She’s a hopeless romantic with an affinity for romantic comedies, bright colors, and popular culture. She also stress-barfs… not that I do that.

She really likes her TV shows, including the Kardashians.

And lastly, she believes in herself.


* * * * *

So I just realized that all four of these characters are strong and successful women living and working in New York! I swear it’s a coincidence 🙂

Do you have any TV character spirit animals? I’d love to hear who they are!