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I’m not very good at updating this blog, so chances are you have no idea who I am or what I have been up to. In short, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in May with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies (I just received the hard copy diploma in the mail – so it’s officially official). For the past several years I have been devoted to spending my time working in the theater, both technically and administratively. Because of this passion, I decided that pursuing graduate studies would be the right path for me; it would be a place where I could combine my interest in the performing arts with my knowledge of the media and promotions in order to attract new generations to the theater. I was accepted to graduate school at New York University where I will begin my studies this fall.

My mom surprised me with flowers when I found out I was accepted into my dream graduate program.
Obligatory graduation photo with Brownie
Obligatory graduation photo with Brownie.

I’m a recent transplant to NYC from Milwaukee. You would think that the entire experience would be more of a shock for me (“small town girl in the big city”), but I had visited here enough times and knew some people who were already living out here, so the transition was much simpler than I thought. For one, I moved  with my boyfriend (major life milestone, check) into a studio on the Upper East Side in a neighborhood called Yorkville. I was a little surprised to learn that we lived in a neighborhood because I thought the UES was just one geographical area. BUT I quickly learned that Yorkville has its name for two simple reasons: 1) the area is situated near York Avenue and 2) it is pretty displaced from the subway. I like where we live, but I just wish that our trip to the subway was less than a 10 minute walk.

An aerial view of Yorkville. The park that you see in the foreground is Carl Shurz Park. I have yet to be there, but I do know it’s home to the Gracie Mansion. And you can see Central Park in the background.

I have really been enjoying NYC (when it’s not hot as balls out) and living with my boyfriend for the first time ever. I’m glad I moved here when I did so I could better acquaint myself with the city – I definitely needed to get used to just riding the subway by myself (which isn’t a scary experience unless you get on the wrong train and miss your stop/travel in the wrong in direction). I’ve discovered which grocery stores to shop at and signed up for their frequent shopper savings cards. AND my feet have calloused over and don’t get sore from walking everywhere anymore (this is bittersweet – my poor feet!).


I can’t wait to post more about my time in New York. I feel like this blog is going to be great for my family and friends to stay updated and get a glimpse into everything I’m able to experience in NYC! And I promise that I’ll stay more on top of this blogging thing 🙂