I Guess I’m a Baker Now

So I’ve recently decided that I need to learn how to cook meals for myself. I thought I’d start backwards, so naturally I’m beginning with the desserts. Now, I’m no barefoot contessa, so I’m starting small, and eventually I would like to make things from scratch.

I have always been obsessed with wanting to make Funfetti cookies. Have you ever heard of them? The cake version is absolutely wonderful. When I heard that you could make cookies from the cake materials, I was intrigued. Soooo…I caved in. After two years of wanting to make them, I finally did.

And thus began my baking journey. I melted the butter, cracked the egg, and began to mix until doughy. I’m sure I’m not the first to encounter this, but do NOT use a whisk when “mixing.” What a dumb idea. The dough just gets all stuck in the between the wires, and it’s annoying to clean. Use something like a wooden spoon. I used a rice paddle, and that works just fine too. FYI: no rice was involved in the baking process.

Here’s what the cookies ended up looking like:

I didn’t bake them on that paper towel on that pan; this was just for cooling purposes. Anyways, I have only eaten one so far! They’re delicious and well worth the hype.